Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Launching Speakers Bureau for Center for Peace Justice Reconciliation

As a member of the Center for Peace Justice Reconciliation (PJR) at Bergen Community College, I have initiated a Speaker's Bureau to help carry out PJR's  mission within Bergen and beyond. PJR’s mission is to foster awareness of mechanisms of social conflict, political and ethnic violence, and genocide through educational initiatives, exhibitions, and dialogues. The center develops skills in conflict resolution and ethical decision making to promote social justice and global citizenship.

Speakers include PJR team members, BCC faculty and staff. 

Website: http://bergen.edu/pjr/speakers 

As first generation survivors of genocide age, it is up to us as educators and/or as second-third generations to spread the word so the world never forgets.  In addition to Genocide, topics include: issues of social justice, anti-bullying, character development, conflict resolution, totalitarianism.

Our goal is to partner with our faculty as they plan lessons for next semester.   Our speakers will tailor topics to meet the needs of our classrooms.

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