Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Online Job hunt - Job Boards

I've been jobhunting online. Very high tech but very frustrating.
Here are some of my discoveries... allows you to create a really cool multimedia resume. You can upload your reference files, photos, video clips. Use your imagination.

I just wish more job boards and corporate websites would link to it. Instead you have to answer millions of minute details, one at a time, repetitively, on each individual employer website. Some sites do recognize your visualcv - what a time saver!

  • - for NJ high shcools
  • - for colleges - I wish that I could limit the results by zip code.
  • - will search a whole bunch of job boards based on keywords and distance from your zip code.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Cooperating Tools - Everyone Cooperating

It's easy to get from my Blog to my website, my twitter, or my Linkedin. I recently enabled my recent Tweets to appear on the lower right-hand side of my blog. Blogger makes it easy to place it anywhere on the page. You can even email updates to your blog with embedded images.

Blogging can be used by high school teachers, to share info on class lessons. Like a bulletin board, the teacher can allow students to post comments on blogs: Or, even authorize students to create posts. What a great cooperative learning tool!

Aspiring writers can practice and gain an audience. Small business owners can share their expertise to stay in contact with customers and attract new business.

My programming skills are useful but not required. As a programmer I can create and test value-added resources, gadgets or widgets, to share with others. It must meet blogspot's quality control. I am already thinking of what I could create.