Sunday, November 7, 2010

JewishGen Success Story

After 10 years on JewishGen, this year, 2010, has been a triple header. I discovered a new branch of my family tree on my dad's side and another branch on my mom's.

On My Dad's Family Tree:
Yael contacted me during her first week on JewishGen. We were both researching the same town and surname (my maiden name). I could not confirm the connection, until she sent me the photos. The first photo was quite familiar to me, since I had the identical photo in my own photo album. It was my brother's Bar Mitzvah photo from 1959. The second photo was a family photo with me in it as a gawky 13 year old. That's when we knew we were cousins.

Discovering Yael was perfectly timed. Since I was having my family over to celebrate my son's college graduation, we planned a Skye session to introduce Yael and her twin boys to my family.