Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Because They Hate -- a Survivor of Islamic Terror Warns America

I recently read "Because They Hate", an autobiography by Brigitte Gabriel.  This is a must read for today's times.  Brigitte shares her personal story of her childhood as a Christian living in Lebanon during the  genocide of the Christians committed by the Palestinians from 1975-1982.  In her story she quotes the Koran to show how it preaches hatred towards infidels. All non-Muslims are considered as infidels by Islam and the Koran.    Islam's goal is world domination, just as the Nazi's sought racial purity as Aryan domination. "In the Muslim world extreme is mainstream."

There is "no free press in the Arab world", it is government controlled and biased against Israel and the western world.  Their children are programmed from birth to believe Muslim is the only way and anyone who is not Muslim is their enemy.  They are brainwashed by their biased 1-sided, distorted news and television broadcasts.  They are masters at PR - since they control the press so only favorable coverage of Palestinians and hateful demonization of Israel is preached. 

Brigitte writes, "the Arab Muslim world, because of its religion and culture, is a natural threat to civilized people of the world." On page 79, she writes "I had been sold a fabricated lie by my government ... about the Jews and Israel that was far from reality."

Because Muslim men take up to 4 wives and have a higher birth rate, "Islamic communities worldwide outproduce Christians and Jews by 7 to 1."  The demographic shift is scary. "Muslim Arab societies don't have to create anything, just destroy what others have done, terrorize them into submission, and ...take it over for Allah."

Page186 "When you don't stop evil in its tracks you end up with a monster force that will...affect the lives of millions. Because we did not want to judge ...Palestinians bombing innocent Israelis, the Taliban, Saddam Hussein gassing his own people, we have helped create the monsters we are dealing with today."

Brigitte is a terrorism expert and has founded americancongressfortruth.com

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