Monday, April 13, 2009

Software on the Server

When I worked as a Tech Rep at DEC in the late 80's, the focus was on selling customers a Server which would act as a single source for all their needs.  Instead of installing tools onto everyone's desktop PC, the server would simplify the process.   It is so much easier to have someone manage the server and others can access everything they need over the network.  

I find software installations boring and tedious.  I think it is so awesome when I find tools I can use, over the Internet.   The Internet is the ultimate server.  I can keep my own calendar and to do list on my laptop or my desktop PC.  But, if I use my calendar on my MACbook Pro laptop, then I don't have access to it from my Desktop in my office.    I discovered Toodledo. provides a centralized place for your to-do list.   It can sync with your Outlook calendar --- but it does not sync with the MAC calendar & to-do list.  Oh well,  I'll have to search for a site that's Mac compatible.

It is so neat to be able to store Photos & Videos & share them over the Internet using Facebook, Youtube, among other sites.  I don't have to worry about running out of disk space  or other computer problems.  I like the idea of accessing my stuff from anywhere.  The simplicity of a computer browser,  with  Internet connectivity.    

I remember the old days when I had to configure computers for customers.  Now computers come fully loaded and configured.  Access to the Internet is easy.  Just need the IP address of your Internet service provider.   Your URL identifies a specific computer based on IP address.

Visit for the latest in cool websites.  

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