Sunday, April 12, 2009

adding the MAC platform

I am still perfecting the fine points of using the MAC.  I have completed the setup of my new MacBook Pro.   
  • I've successfully used iMovie to create and upload educational video testimonials.  You can check them out
  • I've successfully installed VMware Fusion.   I had some difficulties I had to overcome. I had to reinstall twice.  
  • I now have Windows XP running on my MAC as a virtual machine.  Very cool!   I must remember to take Snapshots after every new software install in my XP VM.  
  • I installed MS-Office on my XP VM.  This includes Word and Access.  There is no Access for MAC.   
  • I am also looking at Open Source software to install on my MAC.   
I love the fact that the MAC is built on UNIX.  UNIX has always been my forte: I worked for several hardware/software vendors as a Unix Programmer and Tech Support Rep:  AT&T, DEC, Info Builders,.... 

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